If you are an agency wishing to make a Foodbank referral

If you are already registered with us as a referrer:

As a registered referrer, you will have received a Referrer’s Handbook and numbered paper Foodbank vouchers to distribute to those in crisis.

Paper vouchers, rather than e-referrals are our preferred method, due to most of our Foodbanks not having internet access.

If you are not able to meet with your client to give them a voucher or to send the voucher by post, you can scan the voucher and send this to your client, for them to show at the Foodbank.

We kindly ask that you please:

  • Ensure your client has been given correct details of the nearest location and opening times;
  • You fully complete all details on the voucher legibly (to help our volunteers who then input this data;
  • Ensure you comply with GDPR. Vouchers should be given to the client. Any communications with the Foodbanks should be via foodbank@hopenottingham.org.uk unless the location is connected to an organisation, with their email detailed on our Foodbank locations page. Please do not use social media to contact any of our Foodbanks.


If you would like to register as a voucher holder or have run out of vouchers:

Please email: hope@hopenottingham.org.uk 

In an emergency where time is short, or you have run out and are waiting for more vouchers, you may give your client a written referral with your organisation’s letterhead and the usual details that are on our vouchers (a template is available from foodbank@hopenottingham.org.uk). This method can only be used in emergencies and will not be accepted as standard practice.


Please be aware that Hope Nottingham are not able to offer a delivery service.

If your client has a medical issue, you could call the NHS Responders 0808 196 3646…failing that, please consider collecting the parcel yourself or asking any other support agency involved with your client’s care to assist.